Get Your Raffle Tickets

Roseanne Berton and I will be under the overhang in front of the front door of Atonement Lutheran Church in Newport on Thursday, December 17th from 10 until 2.  You can pick up as many packets of raffle tickets as you like for yourself or to sell to friends.  Each packet of 18 sells for $15.  You can pay for them up front or turn in the money and the stubs after you have sold them.  Individual tickets are $1 each or 6 tickets only cost $5.  Such a deal!

This is the best way at the lowest cost to distribute tickets to members, so please take advantage of the opportunity and get a bunch to keep or sell.  Wear a mask and stay 6′ apart.  You can park in front and wait for the line to go down if it is raining.

The raffle quilt and the quilt show are our two biggest fund raisers of the year, so please do what you can to promote and support the guild.  The quilt is so beautiful, tickets should sell like hot cakes.

See you Thursday from 10-2.

Nan Scott (541-961-5640)