Healthcare Masks Needed!


We have received a request from our local hospitals (Newport and Lincoln City) to make cotton masks in the wake of shortages they are experiencing currently with this pandemic.  I’m attaching a PDF file with the instructions, and this file will also be on our website under the “Activities” tab.
It is important that you follow these instructions exactly as the hospital has done research to determine what would work best for them and be the most compliant with CDC guidelines.
Once you have completed these, please email, text or call me and I will get them from you.  The hospital is requesting one drop off for all the masks we make.  At this time, they have not given us a total number that they need, but rather leaving it up to “what we can create comfortably”.  Ha Ha, if I know this group (and I do!), I will have about 500 of these by the end of the weekend! LOL.
These instructions look pretty simple (I have not attempted one myself yet), but please let me know asap if you run into any problems.
Thanks to all of you, and stay healthy!
Here’s the link to the Face Mask Instructions: Mask pdf.pdf