Today (3/23) I delivered 133 masks to our hospital in Newport.  These were made by only 6 members!
From what I can ascertain, our two hospitals have set aside Mon, Tue and Wed of this week from 2 to 4 pm to accept deliveries of personal protective equipment from the general public, and at this point in time, there are no further dates planned.  So our last date to deliver any completed masks will be Wednesday, 3/25, until/unless we hear differently.
I am trying to arrange for a drop-off location in Waldport and Newport, but due to the virus, many locations are closed.  Quilters Cove and Ruth’s in Waldport have offered to be our drop location, but they are both now closed, and open only by appointment,  On Tuesday, I will be making arrangements for an “appointment” time on Wednesday with both of these shops, hopefully around the noon hour, for anyone to drop off their completed masks, which I will then collect and deliver to the Newport hospital.  PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME on Wednesday am after 9am to make arrangements for a drop off.
I have not been able to reach anyone in the Lincoln City group to find someone to collect and deliver to the hospital there.  Please call me asap if you or someone you know can do this. Under normal circumstances, I know this group would be mass producing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but as nobody is able to meet these days, I just don’t know if anyone is making these on their own up there. I don’t want our wonderful quilters up there to feel they are being excluded or ignored, so please let me know what’s happening in Lincoln City.
There is apparently now a nationwide shortage of elastic, so when you run out, you are done.  We do have some elastic in our “storage”, but we will only be using it if/when we need to make more masks.
Thanks to all who have helped out with this special project.  And don’t forget to keep sewing up all the other cool stuff we make for our community!