In Gratitude from Rose Shaw

To my dear OCQG friends,

I wish to convey to each of you my deepest gratitude for all of the cards, texts, emails, hearts, phone calls and messages of hope and encouragement from you. At the sudden loss of my husband Jim, my mind was numb.  Each day I received kind messages of comfort, remembrances and love. It helped me to come back to reality.

One of the greatest gifts my husband left us was the obituary he had started and left on file.  All his early years thru to the day we were married (58 years ago). I’m sure he felt I’d know “the rest of the story” to be filled in at the time it was needed!  With that, I encourage each of you to write out your  obituary…bullet points if nothing else.  Add important dates and full names of family; high school, college, first employment,

military or other duties.  All important ”clues” to those researching Genealogy later on.  After a death, there are many sudden deadlines to be met. Jim’s act of kindness helped immensely in meeting that one deadline.

Once again, Thank you to all of you.  If my hands allow, I’ll be back to sewing with you very soon.

In gratitude,  Rose Shaw