July – It’s Show Time!

Busy days ahead so you will probably see multiple postings in July.  The newest will always replace the previous on the home page, but if you need to refer to previous information, all blog posts can still be found on the web under About Us – Blog.  Normally I would post pictures of the meeting and show and share, but being registrar at this time of year means that my time for writing blogs is very limited so pictures will have to wait until after July 5th.  But there is some very important information here so read on below about the following topics:

  • Finishing School
  • Count-down to quilt show
  • Campaigning for Quilts
  • Getting quilts show ready
  • Please volunteer
  • Raffle Ticket Sales Deadline
  • Retreat Information

Finishing School Karen O. and Paulette

Finishing School will be meeting on July 26 from 10 to 4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St, Newport. It is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. You may bring your machine or hand work we will have an iron there for you to use. You may come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out whatever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get know other guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. Fun time is had by all.

Count-down to quilt show Nan Scott

  • July 5 – Registration deadline (includes pictures)
  • July 12 – last membership meeting before the show – turn in placemats, vote on challenges
  • July 19 – last quilt show meeting before the show – all subcommittees MUST BE REPRESENTED
  • July 30 – Quilt Intake at ALC 1:00 – 4:00 – ALL items, judged or not, must be brought in. Stations will be set up alphabetically according to your last name.  Processing should go quickly.
  • July 31-August 1 – Judging at ALC
  • August 2 – Show set-up at Recreation Center – Potluck
  • August 3 and 4 – Quilts by the Sea
  • August 4 after show – Quilt pick up and show take-down

Campaigning for Quilts Jackie, Jean, Janet, and Debbie

The quilt show co-chairs encourage all of you to register your quilts this coming week. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve done what you have meant to do; we’ll feel better because we’ll know that more quilts are going to be in the show; and Registrars Nan Scott and Janet DeSau will feel better because they won’t be faced with a traffic jam of registrations the first few days of July!

It’s not a difficult process; the website guides you along the way. Just go to www.oregoncoastalquilters.org, click on “events,” then “Quilt Show,” and then “registration.” You may want to read “Policies” and/or “categories” first to help make your decisions easier. When you’re finished, email Nan a digital photo of your quilt along with its title so they can connect it with the registration. Voila! You’re all set.

Repeat as necessary (until all your entries are registered). Problems or uncertainties? Phone or email your friendly registrars!

The quilt show co-chairs thank you!

Getting quilts show ready Nan Scott

Registration deadline is July 5th but you have until July 29 to get your quilts ready for the show.

  1. Complete the insurance waiver – 1 form for all of your quilts. Use this link to download and print the form (http://www.oregoncoastalquilters.org/PDF/InsuranceWaiver.pdf) or navigate from the homepage:  Events-Quilt Show-Insurance Waiver.  Use the registration number that was sent to you with your registration confirmation.  If someone else will be picking up your quilts after the show, this form is where you authorize them to do so.
  2. Complete a paper label for the back of each quilt. Use this link to download and print the form (4 to a page) (http://www.oregoncoastalquilters.org/PDF/PaperLabel.pdf) or navigate from the homepage:  Events-Quilt Show-Paper Label.  Use the registration number that was sent with your registration confirmation. Everything below the registration number will be completed at intake on July 30.  When looking at the BACK of your quilt, baste the paper label to the lower right corner of the quilt.  Do not use pins.  A long running basting stitch by hand works well to secure the label.  Please pay attention to where you put it.  Consistency is the key to a smooth hanging for the show.
  3. Make sure that your item has a hanging sleeve that is at lease 4” wide. See your membership directory – page 10 for instructions on how to make the sleeve.
  4. Remove any lint, loose threads, or pet hair from your quilt and fold it so that the paper label is easily visible. If rather than folding your wall hanging, you put it on a roll, be sure that the roll is labeled with your name.
  5. Bring your entries and insurance waiver to Atonement Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall anytime from noon to 3:00 PM on July 30th. If you bring your quilts in protective bags, they will be returned to you at intake and you can bring them to the Rec Center when you pick up your quilts at the end of the show.

Thanks for entering your creations and being part of the Best Quilt Show on the Oregon Coast!

Please volunteer

The show is approaching rapidly and as of the end of June there are still 100 or more empty volunteer slots to fill.  With 188 members, surely we can get those filled, but you’ve got to sign up!  There are sitting down jobs, standing up jobs, interactive jobs, demonstration jobs, selling jobs, greeting jobs, roaming jobs, and helpful jobs – something for everyone and every personality.  It is fun and a great way to meet people and get to know fellow guild members.  Email Sue Stephenson to volunteer and/or signup on the board at the next guild meeting.  It is impossible to do this show without volunteers and each of us is responsible to do our part as a member of the guild.

Raffle Ticket Sales Deadline Nan Scott

If you have picked up envelopes of raffle tickets to sell, sales must be complete and all money and ticket stubs MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE GENERAL MEETING JULY 12TH.  If you have already paid for the tickets, but have not turned in the stubs, please be sure to turn them in on July 12th so that they can be included in the drawing.  The Show is for selling tickets to guests so we will not be able to handle member envelopes at the show.  If you have lost your tickets without paying for them, you owe the guild $15 for each lost envelope.  Hopefully, there are not too many of those.  Not sure if you have any tickets outstanding?  Call or email Nan to find out.

Retreat Information Georgia Sabourin

The 2019 Oregon Garden Retreat signup was a wonderful success, we have 58 signed up & two slots open.  But don’t let that stop you from adding yourself to the wait list as life always seems to have surprises in store for us & plans change.  We will continue to have a table at each meeting for continuing with signups, taking payments & updated Retreat information.

We, the Retreat Committee, are working behind the scenes to hopefully make this a fabulous experience for you.  Keep an eye out for emails with updates.

Your Committee,
Georgia, Cyndie, Renee, Sherry & Linda Stroup