June, 2019 OCQG Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Oregon Coastal Quilters Executive Board Meeting June 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President, Diane Tillotson at 10 a.m., a quorum was present.


A motion was made by Jane Szabo to approve the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting on May 16, 2019. The motion was seconded by Jackie Stankey and approved by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report

Janet Sylvester presented the May 2019 treasurers report and it was accepted as presented.

Old Business
Donation Outreach – Diane Tillotson asked the board members for their recommendations for Outreach Fund donations. Jane Szabo suggested that the Guild bring in a well known speaker for $1000 this year and $1000 next year. It was recommended that North Lincoln County Museum receive $200, Coffee Creek Quilters receive $500 and Latimer Center receive $300. If you have suggestions for a “speaker”, please let Janet DeSau know. Motion – Janet Szabo recommended the the following use of Outreach Donation Funds be presented to the General Membership at the July meeting, $1,000 for Guild special program open to the public, $500 for Coffee Creek Quilters, $300 for Latimer Textile Center and $200 for North Lincoln County Museum. Motion was seconded by Gail Chipman and passed by a voice vote. The recommended expenditures will be put on a dry erase board at the July General Meeting.


Diane Tillotson reported that Neighbors for Kids has requested support for their 10th Annual Golf Tournament and lst Surf Contest. Request will be forwarded to Community Quilters for a quilt to be donated. A recommended value will be given.
Storage Rental Fee – Janet Sylvester reported that we have an outstanding balance for the storage unit. It was recommended that the bill be brought current and be paid thru December. Janet will check to see it there is a discount for paying for 12 months in January.

Misc Requests – Marian Brown, guild secretary, requested that the Show & Share form include “Name of Quilt” to make minutes more accurate. After discussion it was suggested that Show & Share be slowed down and two members will be used to hold the quilts which will improve our photos.
The request for Quilt Names will be announced on the BLOG and will be started at the July meeting.BLOG request – Paulette Stenberg reported that “ Rich’s Sew’n’Vac” in Albany is having a fabric drive for Foster Girls called “Skirting the Issue”. Donations of fabric should be at least one yard and elastic 1/2” or wider are requested so skirts can be made. Donations can be brought to the next General Meeting.

Committee Reports
Block of the Month- Meralee Wilson reported it is going well.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck reminded everyone to get information to her, BLOG seems to be going well.
Challenge – Voting took place at the June meeting and will be happening again at the July meeting. There were 47 beautiful challenge medallions turned in, members can vote for their top 3 choices.Community Quilters – Next meeting will be in September.

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reported that there will be documentation in September and October.
Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reminded the group that Finishing School is next Thursday, June 27th.

Librarian – Pam Grindell reported that there were several check-outs at the last meeting.
Membership – Ruth Johnson reported we now have 201 members! There will be a handout of new members and directory update at the July meeting.
Rec Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley requested more “summer quilts” to hang at the Rec Center. Quilts need to have a hanging sleeve, name of maker and quilt and if for sale, amount to buy.
Online Membership Directory – Password protected area. Members have been able to sign a form to opt out of the online membership directory at the General Meetings. Recommended that the online directory have name, phone and email (no birthday, no address). A notice will go out on the BLOG that the July meeting is the deadline to opt out of the online directory. Directory email list will be on mail chip, members only. There will be a one time notification and the site will be password protected. Future membership form will include the “opt out” option.
Merchandising – Becky Mershon & Rose Shaw reported that the Quilt Safe Bag was the “hot seller” at the June meeting. Merchandising is ready and waiting for the Quilt Show!
Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau reporter that Mister Domestic has confirmed for the October meeting and a workshop. July meeting will be FFO’s (Finally Finished Objects).
Publicity – Jean Amundson placed an article on the 2019 Raffle Quilt in the News Times. Information will be sent to News Lincoln County and Oregon Coast Today. Jean shared a nice article and ad that is running in the current Country Register.
Quilters Surprise – Debbie Mosley reported that items for the raffle have been purchased in advance and donations from guild members are being given to Ruth for Grab Bags and Treasure Hunt at the Quilt Show. “Colors” will be theme after the Quilt Show, only room for one large quilt at a time.
Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported the Retreat is full and there are three on the waiting list. Question – Do drop outs get money back, no. $50 non refundable deposit is due by September.
Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey & Jean Amundson reported there will be a meeting this afternoon with dessert!
2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo reported the quilt is moving from Ruth’s in Waldport to Quilt Guild meeting in Brookings then back to Quilters Cove. Approximately $2500 collected to date,
ticket stubs and money are due at the July General Meeting.
2020 Raffle Quilt – Ann Flescher displayed the quilt top to the Executive Board and is asking for quilt name suggestions. The quilt will have a “brief showing” at the Quilt Show. Quilt name suggestions will be taken at the July General Membership meeting.

Oregon State Fair – Let Twy Hoch know if you are able to participate at the Oregon State Fair demonstration on August 30th.

Family Notices – A discussion followed regarding use of BLOG for notifications to membership. Further discussion will follow at the July Executive Meeting. Family notices can be put on the BLOG if ok’d by member.

The Quilt Show is in the “Things To Do In Newport” flyer under the month of August.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:28 a.m.


Finishing School, 6/27 from 10a.m.-4p.m. at Newport Carriage House
Community Quilters – NO MEETING
General Meeting – 7/11 – 5:30p.m. Table Walk – 6p.m. General Membership Meeting at

Atonement Lutheran Church, Newport
Executive Board Meeting – 7/18 – 10a.m. at Newport Carriage House
Quilt Show Meeting – 7/18 – 1:15p.m. at Newport Carriage House
Documentation – NONE
Oregon State Fair Demonstration – 8/30 – 10a.m.-3p.m. at Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem

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