March 2019 OCQG General Meeting Minutes

Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild General Meeting March 15, 2019

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The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by President, Diane Tillotson.


A thank you note was read from Bob “Trucker” Howe for the Veterans Quilt he received.

Diane informed the membership of the death of member Shirley Scott, her service will be held at  2 p.m. on Saturday, March 23rd at the Presbyterian Church in Newport.

A reminder was made to pick up checks from the treasurer during the break.


Dolores Wagner requested a correction to the February minutes, her Show & Tell was a Christmas Quilt.  Jan McQueen moved for acceptance of the February general meeting minutes as corrected. Motion was seconded by Darcy de la Rosa and approved by a voice vote.


Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey reminded the group that the next Quilt Show meeting will be next Thursday, March 22nd at 1:15 p.m. at the Carriage House.  Committee Chairs need to pick up their folders from Jackie.  Nan Scott introduced Melissa Hollenback as the new Quilt Show Registrar.  Registration is open on the website, go to Events, Quilt Show.  New registration forms are on Google.

Please read the category definitions and instructions on how to choose the correct category.  Nan will be available to help as needed.  Registration will close July 5th.  There will be a show and share of the different categories during our regular general meetings.  Jackie shared a mini quilt, no block more than 4 inches.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo reported the quilt is currently on display at JanniLou’s.  Cindy McEntee will be taking the quilt around to different shops.  Tickets are available to pick-up and sell, stubs and money are due back by the July meeting.

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported we have 195 members.  Today there are 74 members and 2 guests present.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reminded the group that Finishing School is a great place to finish projects for the Quilt Show.  Come and enjoy the fellowship, wisdom and knowledge of the group. 

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reported that the next documentation will be April 13th in Lincoln City.  If you have a quilt to bring, please call Twy Hoch.

Barnboard Quilt Workshop – Janet DeSau reported that the Barnboard Quilt Workshop will be held on April 12th at the Newport Visual Arts Center.  Registration is limited to 20 and cost is $100 with $75 due today.  Participants need to bring a 24X6 ruler, an apron or painting clothes and a hairdryer.

Challenge Quilt – Phoebe Hein reported that packets are available and are due back by the May meeting.  The medallions  will be displayed at the Quilt Show.

2020 Raffle Quilt – Ann Flescher and Deb Smith reported that block packets are ready to pick up.  Blocks will be 12 ½ x 12 ½  and are due back by the June meeting.  The quilt will be ready for pictures the day after the 2019 Quilt Show.


Sue Stephenson, committee chair shared a little of the history and a lot of the service to others that is done by the Community Quilters and gave an open invitation to all members to become a part of the group.  Sue stated that it is a privilege to be able to deliver the beautiful quilts and other items made by the guild members for different organizations in our communities.  Community Quilters (and the Veterans Quilt Project) is a year-round contact that the guild has in our communities with businesses, charitable agencies and the public in general.  Sue said that she was so proud to be a part of the guild and to have the opportunity to deliver quilts and other items to help those in need.  She applauded the members who have put their hearts into making beautiful quilts, pillowcases, hospital bags and  all the other little items that get distributed and used by those in our community in need.  Sue reported that she anticipates last year’s number of items will be exceeded in  2019.

Sue had invited four agencies to send representatives to our program today to speak about their organizations and how they use our donations.  The group heard from the following speakers.

Philomena O’Brien, from The Gabriel Project thanked the guild for providing burp cloths and quilts.  The Gabriel Project is a confidential program for women with unplanned pregnancies.  It is a pilot project and provides mentor moms, practical advise,  resources and spiritual guidance. Philomena said that the quilts are such a special gift for the women.  Sue presented Philomena with a large stack of burp cloths as a thank you.

Paul Schrader, Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center gave a very informative presentation about the group which is a Child Abuse Intervention Center that is used by referral only.  The center does advocacy work for the family and child and provides a safe and comforting space and uses a holistic approach.  Every child leaves the center with a quilt, pillowcase and stuffed animal.  Paul shared a story about a little boy who picked out a quilt and immediately wrapped himself in it, pick ed out a stuffed dog and named it Ruff Ruff and carried it all in his new pillow case.  Wonders never cease as he found that when he pulled the quilt up that night, there was some “glow in the dark” material, what a special surprise.  Sue presented Paul with 10 Beautiful Throws as a thank you.

Kaety Jacobson, president of the non-profit Foster Parents group presented a picture of the services they provide to 170 kids and families in Lincoln County from newborn to 18 years old.  The organization has a Hope Chest room located at DHS Child Welfare which gives foster parents a One Stop Shop for supplies that are needed.  There are prepacked bags by gender and age available so that the Foster Parents can pick one up or one is delivered when they pick up the child.  There is also a room for teenagers where they can “shop” for themselves.  Both projects accept only new items. Kaety thanked the guild for the quilts, pilow cases and burp cloths that they have donated.  It was especially nice to receive so many teen-age boy items.  All items that the children receive stay with them when they move.  Older kids clothing 15-18 years old are always in short supply, items used are hooded sweatshirts (local brands are terrific), sweat pants, athletic shorts and branded socks.  For infants there is always a need for baby wipes and diaper rash cream.  Sue presented Kaety with 10 Throws as a thank you.

Randi Brickey from Head Start told the group that there are 3 centers in the county, Lincoln City, Toledo and Newport.  The children served are often in poverty or foster care and often come with mental health and disability issues.  At Head Start it is “not just about school”, it’s about working with the families needs.  Full day school is from 8:30-3:30 which means a “nap” for the children.  The guild has provided quilts that the children pick-out and use daily.  There are 160 families served by the program.  Randi shared Thank You posters and letters from the kids to the Quilt Guild that included a “paper quilt” and a sharing of “LOVE”.  Randi restated that “your gift to the children is so much more than just a quilt!”.  Sue reported that Barb Martin and Wilma Roles have been a “factory of quilts” and today have 20 quilts for head start.

The stories shared and the mission explained by each of the presenters brought valuable information to the guild members.  At times you could hear a pin drop, a sigh or contagious laughter as the group listened intently to the messages shared.  It was obvious that the donations made by the guild have brought hope, smiles and changes to the lives of the children and families who have received them. Great job guild members!

Sue announced that there is a new program being started for “Pet Beds”.  There are three sizes that can be made and the pattern will be up on the BLOG soon. There will be a Community Quilts Workshop on Saturday, March 23rd from 9a.m.-3p.m. at Atonement Lutheran Church, the dog beds will be  an area as well as “How To Tie A Quilt”.  Sue thanked the long arm quilters in the group for being so generous with their time and talents and is hopeful that making some “tied” quilts will take some of the pressure off of them. There will be more information coming out in our BLOG, but basically, if you want to make a dog bed or work on quilt tops, you need to bring your sewing machine.  If you are coming to learn”how to tie a quilt “(that’s not the same as a tie-dyed quilt), or any of the other activities we will have, you don’t need to bring anything.  We will be providing pizza for lunch, so bring anything you would like to drink.  There will be more information regarding supply lists for the pet beds, etc as a BLOG as the date gets closer.

Sue called Ruth Stole to the podium for a special presentation.  Ruth has been offering her space in Waldport for the Community Quilters to meet on the lst Thursday of the month as well as providing 2 large cabinets for storage.  A beautiful bouquet of bright colored flowers was presented to Ruth as a thank you and Sue reminded the membership to “shop” at Ruth’s in Waldport and all the other quilt shops in the county.  Our shopping will keep their doors open.

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson reported that the Mug Rugs exchange took place during the break.  Heart Squares winners were Norma Horn and Jean Amundson.

Drawings – Debbie Mosley reported that the number of drawing at the meetings will be kept to a minimum and the extra items will be used for the Treasure Hunt and Gift Bags in the Quilt Show Boutique.  Thanks to everyone for your generosity.

Nifty Notions

Crystal Beard – scissors

Kathy Fran – wedge 

Quilters Surprise

Melissa Hollenbeck – strip cutter and mini organizer

Sable – Teecia Cornelius  reminded the group next month is Modern Fabric (bold & graphic)

30’s/40’s Reproduction winners were Ruth Johnson and Beverly Hergenrader

Show & Share

Cindy McEntee – showed a Sailboat Quilt in red, white and blue for  grandson

Doris Roades – shared an old multi colored “Tepee Quilt” made in Anchorage, Alaska, hand pieced and hand quilted

Jean Larson – showed “Soft and Silky” a quilt in shades of pink, made by her mother and mother in law from Elko Nevada, quilt is approximately 80 years old

Phyllis Mitchell – showed a Disappearing Wallet, Jelly Roll Rug and a French Braid quilt in bright and dark colors

Jane Szabo – shared a “Montana Cartwheel” quilt made from a kit  swap 10-12 years ago

Diane Tillotson – showed “Let Freedom Ring” a mini quilt with embroidery

Fran Whited – shared a small quilt in the quilting technique done on the Isle of Man and showed an Ann Davis quilt that she finished titled “Red Work Cottages”

Judy Line – showed a quilt made from a kit bought at the 2017 Quilt Show, multi colored large quilt “Sweet 16”

Joan Johnson – shared a red and brown quilt titled “Scrap Crap Quilt” made from failed blocks

and a Quilt of Valor made by five women for a Vietnam Veteran

Linda Reeves – showed a Piano Keyboard small quilt, a hand quilted Flower Vase small quilt, a small quilt Winter Scene in blues and black and a cloth book for her grandson

Gail Chipman – shared a challenge quilt, a “LOVE” table runner in bright colors and a table runner made from log cabin blocks with Daisies, a wall hanging in shades of green with shells and stars

Lindanne Perdue – shared a Kitty doll

Anne Marie Mann –   showed a “Tea Cup” table topper made in 1958 with the back fabric from Brussels 

Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Executive Board Meeting – March 21st – 10-11:30a.m. Carriage House

Quilt Show Meeting – March 21st – 1:15p.m.  Carriage House

Finishing School – March 28th  10a.m.-4p.m., Carriage House

No Documentation this month

Community Quilters – April 4th, 10a.m.-2p.m. at Ruth’s Family Fabrics, Waldport

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary

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