May 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Oregon Coastal Quilters Executive Board Meeting May 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President, Diane Tillotson at 10 a.m.  a quorum was present.


A motion was made by Jean Amundson to approve the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting on April 18, 2019.  The motion was seconded by Gail Chipman and approved by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report – Janet Sylvester, treasurers report was accepted as presented.

Old Business

Retreat Fund Carry Over – Nan Scott explained how the balance came about on the treasurer’s report.

Nan had rechecked 2 years of records when she made the changes to Fund Accounting.  There was a carry over in 2017 from previous years.  Old accounting had a fiscal year of December l – November 30.  Fund Accounting fiscal year is January 1 – December 31.  Discussion followed on use of funds for needed tangible items for retreat (power cords, irons, lights).

Motion – Darcy de la Rosa moved that the programs /workshop committee and retreat committee get together and do an inventoryand evaluate needs for power strips, irons and lights.  Proposal should be brought back to the Executive Board for approval.  Motion was seconded by Georgia Sabourin.  Motion was amended to include “anything else needed and how and where to store”.  Discussion followed regarding sharing equipment and storing retreat specific items at the storage unit.  Need to inventory and make master list of what items are where (storage unit or church).  Rose Shaw will talk with Bay Shore regarding lights.  Motion was passed by a voice vote.

What to do with excess retreat funds was tabled to be discussed further at a later date.

Visual Arts Center Display during the month of July was suggested by Janet Webster.  The show would showcase Art Quilts this year.  Quilts will be small to medium in size, wanting to display 12-18 quilts.  Tom Welsh from the VAC requested that some of the quilts be “for sale”.  The show would be held in the Upstairs Gallery and should be good advertisement for the Quilt Show.  Committee members would be Janet Webster, Gloria Zirges and Tina McCann.  

Motion – Nan Scott moved to accept the VAC Display proposal.  The motion was seconded by Gail Chipman and passed by a voice vote.

New Business

Family Announcements – What is the best way to notify the membership about member needs or news (illness, deaths, etc. ). Blog and meeting announcement?  In the “olden days” membership was notified by email.  Nan Scott will check with web programmer to see if we can make a membership email list for notification which would not public.

Advertising on the Blog 

Current policy is on page 54 of the membership directory and will be reviewed.

Committee Reports

Challenge Medallions –  Challenge Medallion Blocks are due by the June General Meeting.  Voting will take place at the June and July meeting.

Community Quilters – Elizabeth Wood announced that Sue Stephenson is still recovering.  First Thursday quilting is cancelled  during the summer.  Keep working on community quilts at home and packets will be available for pick-up at the General Membership Meetings.  Sue sends her thanks to everyone.

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reported that the next Documentation will be May 18th.  No documentation in June.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reported that Karen will be in charge of Finishing School next week.

Hospitality – Beverly Hergenrader & Roseanne Burton will check for potluck at show.  Barbara  Kinzel will be working with hospitality committee.

Library – Pam Grindell reported she has a current listing of items and all is working well.

Membership – Gail Chipman reported there were 63 members at the spring potluck.  Current membership count is 199.  Reminder that people wanting to enter quilts in the Quilt Show must be a member in good standing as of the June Membership meeting – pg56 Membership Directory.

Question was raised regarding selling of Raffle Tickets by other groups at our membership meetings.

It is ok as long as they ask for permission.

Potluck – Recommendation was made to move the May potluck to March – Quilters Celebration Month so that it would be part of a day meeting.

Merchandise – Rose Shaw reported that the new “storage bags” have been received and will cost $15.

Merchandising will have a table at the next General Meeting.

Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau reported the voting for Challenge Quilts will take place at the June and July membership meetings.  June program will be the Quilt Show Committee who will give a presentation and descriptions of the Quilt Show areas, proper hanging sleeve, paper labels, etc.

Publicity – Jean Amundson reported there will be no article this month.  June – Raffle Quilt Article,

July – Featured Quilter.

Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported there are 60 slots, 49 people signed up at the May meeting.   Deposit due on or before September, final payment due on or before December meeting.

SABLE – Teecia Cornelius reported Batik Fabrics for June.

Veterans Project – Twy Hoch reported there were 6 ladies from Bayshore and 5 others at the Veterans Sewing Party.  Atleast 10 quilts were started.  There will be lots of quilts to make with the Challenge Medallions.  A sewing party will be planned for the fall after the Quilt Show.  We need more members to attend the work parties.  It was suggested that perhaps kits could be made that members could take home (have available at Guild Meeting).

Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa reported there will be a meeting this afternoon.  Discussion followed regarding the need to cover the dance floor to have the “boutique” in the dance room (room has aspecial cushioned  floor).  Darcy has meet with Jim Protiva and brought the five options listed below to the board:

#1. The Guild loans monies to the City/Rec Center for the purchase of the floor covering.

#2. The Guild advances funds for the purchase of the floor covering.  The advance would be

      deducted from rental fees in 2019 and/or 2019 and 2020 shows.

#3. The Guild does nothing, hopes that the budget will be approved.  If not, the boutique would 

      be held in the back half of the “cafe” as in previous years.

#4.  (As suggested by Jim during our conversation) The Guild purchases the floor covering 

      (thus owns it); he agreed that it could/would e stored at the Rec Center.  NOTE: I believe I

      was quite clear in conveying that we have no interest in OWNING the floor covering.

#5. The Guild makes a donation to the City/Rec Center to be used towards the cost of the floor 

      covering; perhaps $500.  Not sure how this would work; it could not be a “charitable 

      contribution” nor would it be a capital expense.  However, if we did this, Jim said he

      could guarantee that it would be available for our show this year.

NOTE: After this conversation with Jim Protiva, Barbara Kinzel met with Trish Cadwell and reported

in an email conversation that “she does not think she will have the floor covering necessary to protect the floor.  As she explained, if it is in the budget, it will be ordered in July but probably will not be delivered in time for the Quilt Show.”

After much discussion the Executive Board decided on #3.

Raffle Ticket Sales – Jane Szabo reported $1896 has been collected to date.  Quilt will be at the Yachats Arts Show this week-end and then returned to Sew hound.  Tickets and money need to be turned in by the July general meeting.  Flyers are available for members.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:52a.m.

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