OCQG Minutes of the General Meeting via Zoom September 24, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Diane Tillotson at 1:00 p.m.

Diane announced that contrary to her earlier report, not all members mentioned in the blog post suffered fire and smoke damage, but that Nancy Cross did in fact lose her home. It was stated that any funds collected through the Guild for fire relief will be donated 100 percent to those who did suffer loss or damage. The majority of the money will go to Nancy Cross, with the remainder going to others who make their needs known. Nan Scott suggested donations be checks (aka cash) rather than gift cards, as the cash is spendable anywhere for anything. Linda Patrick suggested recurring posts to the Guild Blog in case any fire victims have not yet received word that a fund raiser is underway for this cause.

It is time for 2022 raffle quilt ideas to be presented to the Board. Jackie Stankey suggested using the new Dennis McGregor Bridge Design to incorporate into the quilt. Becky Mershon said no panels have been printed yet due to COVID. She does have the artwork she can forward to anyone working on the raffle quilt design. Diane asked for volunteers to form a 2022 Raffle Quilt Committee. Linda Patrick, Viki West and Joann Ballantyne volunteered.

Ginger Dale reported that lots of quilts are going out to Veterans. There is a workshop scheduled tomorrow to sew veterans quilts, which is at capacity with 10 ladies volunteering. Next month, if the COVID restrictions are eased, there may be space for 25 people. There are block kits at Quilters Cove in Newport and at Sew Hound in Siletz. The current need is for machine quilters and machine embroidery labels. There are 40 applications currently being considered for these quilts. Joanne Sedlacek has volunteered her quilting services. Diane annouced that the Siletz Grange has offered their building once per month at no charge to work on Veterans quilts.

Lindanne Perdue reported that Community Quilts’ will hold an open house Thursday, October 1 from 10:00 – 2:00 at the new work room in Lee Palmer’s building in Waldport. She is still sorting fabrics. There is an area for the Veterans’ Quilts materials, and kits for them will be coming soon. If you drop in to see the new space, Becky Mershon will also be there to take orders for the new logo merchandise. Meralee Wilson said she got a call from Sue Stephenson who is delivering quilts to the Otis (fire zone) area. Georgia Sabourin asked if the Hospitality Committee could set up a refreshment table at the meeting, but was cautioned against it, as it requires removing face masks to eat or  drink. Also, 10 people is the current maximum number who can meet at one time.

It is time for the 2021 Guild Challenge to be selected. Please send ideas to Diane before the next board meeting in October. It was pointed out the Guild was formed in 1991, so 2021 will be our 30th anniversary. The first quilt show was hung in 1990, but since we didn’t have a show this year,  2021 will also be our 30th quilt show anniversary. Perhaps the 30-year theme could be incorporated into the challenge criteria.

President Diane reported in for Maria Hunter. December 31 is the deadline for membership renewal. Checks can be sent to the Guild post office box and must be accompanied by the membership renewal form found in the handbook. Dues are $25.00 per year, but since the handbooks will probably have to be mailed, please include an additional $4.00 for postage and envelopes. 

Georgia Sabourin reported that even though the retreat is canceled for 2021, she and the committee are looking for venues for 2022. 

Meralee Wilson says committees and chair persons are mostly the same for next year as they were this year. They are listed on pages 2 and 3 in the handbook. More volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. She said Toni Brodie is stepping down as co-Recording Secretary in 2021 and she has not yet spoken with Marian Brown who has already served 2 ½ years.

Show and Share was presented by 19 members as follows:

  1. Viki West presented a miniature “Double Wedding Ring” and an undersea themed wall quilt.
  2. Diane Tillotson shared her “Twilight Snow” machine-embroidered snowflakes quilt and “Nature’s Garden,” a JoAnn Fabrics kit quilt.
  3. Jane Szabo showed an embroidered blocks quilt that she is donating to a church in Portland.
  4. Nan Scott shared her African Cats Billie Bag she calls “The Cats in the Bag.”
  5. Linda Reeve’s strip quilt with applique flowers plus 4 other quilts were presented by Nan Scott in Linda’s absence. All 5 pieces were constructed from Linda’s stash.
  6. Nancy Payne showed her “Pineapple Blossoms” quilt she calls “Kalaidoscope.” She started it at the last retreat. She also shared her “Harry Otter” quilt made from a kit she purchased in Juneau.
  7. Carol Nelson presented a “Veteran’s Quilt” she made for her neighbor, Steve. The center medallion was her Guild Challenge entry last year. She also showed a “Chubby Chicks” quilt she is saving for a future great-grandchild.
  8. Sally Ann Morris shared a pair of “Alphabet Picture Blocks” quilts made for her twin granddaughters who were born this week.
  9. Becky Mershon shared a paper pieced “Animal Family Portrait” quilt made from a mail ordered kit. 
  10. Jan McQueen presented her “Ants Picnic Quilt,” which is a log cabin construction in red, green and white with black ants running around the border. It was quilted by Kathy Lambert.
  11. Ruth Hutmacher showed her “Round the Garden” wool applique on cotton wall quilt.
  12. Paula Hnyda showed an old fashioned quilt made from modern fabrics she is making for her granddaughter. She is hand quilting it..
  13. Sonny and Janice Hamner were absent, but Nan showed their 2 wall quilts recently quilted by Janice.
  14. Jan Goebel shared her “Color Wheel” quilt made for another Guild’s challenge. She also showed a “So Spooky” Halloween quilt she gave to her nephew, plus 2  baskets made from jelly rolls. She gave one to herself and one to her neighbor.
  15. Mary Gilliland was absent, but Nan Scott presented her appliqued “Moose” wall quilt and her “Texas Two-step” cowboy boots quilt.
  16. Karen Donobedian was absent but Nan presented her “Pinwheels” made from a friend’s stash.
  17. Toni  Brodie showed a Monogram “H” wall quilt she made for a friend’s birthday gift.
  18. JoAnn Ballantyne shared a modern quilt made from 5½” half-square triangles overlayed with machine embroidered jellyfish. She used a special “fish” motif stitch on her sewing machine to tack it together.
  19. Jean Amundson shared “Phoenix Skies,” a quilt she made for her nephew in Phoenix, AZ. The blocks were all in blues and grays.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. to be followed by break-out rooms for visiting.


Toni Brodie, co-Recording Secretary

Printable Version:  http://www.oregoncoastalquilters.org/PDF/MinutesGeneral200924.pdf