OCQG Quilt Show Boutique Guidelines

Jan McQueen, Chairperson of the Boutique, asked that I post the following Boutique Guidelines to help members prepare items for sale. This is an opportunity for members to sell handmade items, gently used books, patterns, fabrics and notions to attendees. It is not intended for member business/retail items. Every member will have equal opportunity to have his/her items displayed and sold.

  1. Sign up for Boutique at the May, June or July general meetings. String tags will be provided.
  2. Each individual item must have a tag showing all the information as shown on sample tag. Each tag must be listed on an Inventory Sheet that can be found and copied from our website. EACH SELLER WILL PROVIDE A COMPLETED RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR ITEMS IN THE BOUTIQUE. Release forms are on our website.
  3. Items will be checked in and out with a member of the Boutique staff.
  4. Check in time will be between 9:00am and 3pm Thursday.
  5. After checking in items, member (seller) must leave Boutique area.
  6. Only Boutique Staff will display merchandise at set-up and throughout the show.
  7. BOUTIQUE STAFF shopping will be between 8-9am Friday.
  8. Boutique doors will close Saturday at 3pm. All sales final at that time.
  9. Check out time will be between 4-6pm Saturday.
  10. If a seller is not available for check out, a designated person needs to be present to check out and pick up that seller’s unsold items.
  11. The guild will retain 15% of each seller’s sales.
  12. Inventory sheets will be totaled the week after the show with sellers’ checks being distributed at the September general membership meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation and thanks to Jan for volunteering.  She has years of experience as a retail shop owner which will be a bonus for us.

Phoebe Hein, President

for Jan McQueen