Announcements – November 27, 2020

Open House

Just a reminder that we will be holding our “open house” at our storage/workspace in Waldport on Thursday, 12/3, from 10 to 2.  This is a good time to pick out some fabric for a community quilt you are working on, including backing, from our fabulous selection.  We also have bundles ready to be quilted and some beautiful kiits to put together.  Or this is a really great time to just get out of the house and check in with some fellow quilters – facemasks and distancing required of course!

Community Quilters has been reaping benefits from our members being “at home” these last several months. So many of our members have been super busy creating quilts and other items for those in our communities who are less fortunate or just going through some hard times.  We have many, many quilt tops and other items in our inventory, and we want you to know that you all can take a break away from making tops, pillowcases, and totes.  What we really need is quilters to quilt all the bundles we have put together.  These bundles come in all shapes and sizes, so if you are wanting to improve your skills on your domestic sewing machine, let us provide you with a small fun quilt to work on!  Of course, we are always looking to our longarm quilters to work on those larger quilts.  And binding does not have to be a part of this process for you – when you have completed the quilting, just make arrangements to get the quilt back to us and we will get it bound.  We are also anticipating that we will be receiving more requests for facemasks in the coming months, so please consider putting together some of these (don’t forget to make some in ‘kid’ sizes).  Just drop them off at Quilters Cove or give one of us a heads up and we will come and get them from you.  Thanks to all of our members who have worked on projects for our community.  There will be many needs and your efforts are so appreciated.

Sue Stephenson


Lindanne Perdue

541-614-4042    209-527-7575

2021 Raffle Tickets

  • At the next Community Quilters drop-in on Thursday December 3rd in addition to Guild merchandise for pickup or purchase, I will be there with raffle tickets for the 2021 raffle quilt “A Whale of a Day”.  Because of Covid restrictions and limits on in person meetings, we are depending heavily on members to sell and distribute the raffle tickets.  Along with the quilt show, the raffle quilt is a major fund raiser for the guild, but how successful that is depends on each of us doing our part to sell the tickets.  You might consider including one in your holiday cards or gifts.  The tickets will be in packets of 18.  You can either pay for them when you pick them up ($15) or pay when you have sold them.  I will try to arrange a pickup location in Newport and one in Lincoln City and will let you know when and where as soon as possible.  I would rather not have the expense of mailing tickets to members, but if you are not able to make it to this or future pickup locations, please send me email and let me know how many packs of 18 you want and where they can be sent.  A VERY NICE grand prize will be awarded to the member selling the most tickets.  If you have suggestions for ticket sales or promotions, please let me know.

Show and Share at Next Meeting

  • We will have Show and Share at the next Zoom Guild Meeting on December 10th.  In order to keep things on schedule, the limit will be no more than 2 items from the first 15 members who send in pictures of your submissions.  Please email me ( pictures and include your name and the name of your item.  To be included, I must receive the pictures no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 8th.  This will give me time to create the presentation file.  We all love to see the creativity of this guild, so don’t be shy.  The inspiration you provide will be awesome!

Special Speaker: Sue Sherman at next Zoom Meeting!

  • And finally, you won’t want to miss the presentation at the December 10th meeting from Award Winning Artist Sue Sherman.  Watch for the link to the meeting in your email on Wednesday, December 9th.  And thank you to the program committee for lining up interesting programs even when we can’t meet in person.

Come listen to Sue Sherman at our December zoom meeting

Dec. 10, 1 pm

Sue Sherman, National and International Award-Winning Quilt Artist, Presenter and Teacher

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  • Sue’s quilts use the magical properties of fabric and thread to reflect some of her other lifelong passions. She loves to travel, especially to places with lots of history, iconic vistas or interesting wildlife.
  • For most of her life she pursued a career as an engineer working for a major consulting firm focusing on transit infrastructure. This has given her a strong technical background for geometry and shapes of her quilt designs, and also a strong attention to quilt construction details to ensure a robust and durable finished piece.
  • All work is done either by machine using a state-of-the-art Bernina sewing machine, or by hand.  She uses only fine quality 100% cotton fabrics, although other fabrics can be used for creative interest.  All quilt designs are by Sue Sherman unless otherwise noted.
  • Sue has been accepted by the Studio Art Quilter Associates (SAQA) as a Juried Artist Member (JAM) based on a submission including CV, Artist’s statement, and photographs of selected works.

Want to Promote Your Business?

This is a reminder for all of our members who advertise in our directory that now is the time for your advertisement renewal.
Please send your check and advertisement to Patti Stephens as soon as possible to be included in the directory for 2021.
OCQG PO Box 382, South Beach, OR 97366
Thank you,
Maria Hunter