The Executive Committee meeting on August 20, 2020 was held on Zoom and called to order at 10am

by President Diane Tillotson.  A quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes – Correction to minutes as published, August General Membership Zoom meeting was August 13 not August 16.  Jean Amundson moved to accept as corrected, motion was seconded by Cindy McEntee and approved by a hand vote.

Treasurers Report – Janet Sylvester reported that the Raffle Quilt made $1300 after expenses.  The treasurers report was accepted as presented.  Janet reminded everyone that it is budget time and budget requests are due by September lst.  It was recommended that current committee chairs review and send any recommendations for change to Janet by email.   After discussion Jean Amundson moved that the current budget be carried over for next year and any needed changes could be made as they may arise.  Motion was seconded by Maria Hunter and passed by a hand vote.

Old Business

Zoom General Meeting – Diane Tillotson reported that there was positive feedback after the August 13th Zoom Show & Share General Meeting.  Future General Meetings by Zoom will include committee reports and limit Show & Share time.

New Business

Phoebe Hein suggested that the quilt show schedule be changed to every other year.  Considerable discussion ensued.  Lacking a consensus, President Diane tabled the suggestion until the next executive committee meeting.

Membership Dues – Diane Tillotson reported that there have been a couple of members  that have asked if the dues would “carryover” for 2021.  Nan reported that the dues collected cover approximately 50% of the annual Guild expenses.  Discussion followed and it was decided that if members felt the dues created a “hardship” they could contact Maria Hunter.

Committee Reports

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson, no report.

Challenge Quilt – Jean Amundson, no report.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck reported seems to be going well.

Community Quilters – Lindanne Perdue reported that Thursday, September 3rd there will be an open house at the work room in Lee Palmers building in Waldport.  Kits will be available to pick up, especially need pillowcases. Time 10am – 2pm, wear a mask, number of people inside will be limited.

Distribution Totals  2020

Quilts Distributed 1/1/20 – 8/20/20   160

SitUpon Pillows (After-school program) 14

Totes, general 51

CAC pattern totes 15

Burp Cloths 46

Hospital Pillows 12

Pillow Cases 46

Oncology/Cardiology Bags 4

We are still very short on pillowcases, any motif.  Our inventory of quilts currently stands at 59, which sounds like a lot, but with Fall and Winter approaching, the needs will be ramping up.

FACEMASKS delivered: 1592.  We have about 200 masks in inventory, both adult and child sized.  The calls for facemasks has significantly decreased, but there are still needs.  This committee has purchased elastic from our local quilt shops for members to use in mask making.  Please call Sue Stephenson (661-904-8130) and she will get whatever you need delivered to you.

On 7/21, we moved all our fabric and tools from Ruth’s Family Fa brics to a room that has been so generously donated for our use by Lee Palmer in her tax Service building, also in Waldport.  Veteran’s 

Quilt Project will be sharing this space with us.  We have organized our supplies and are so happy with the new space.  Although we are not planning to formally meet on the lst Thursday of each month, we will have the space open for anyone to come and “shop” for fabrics to make quilts, pillowcases, etc.

Please let Sue know if you plan to show up, so we don’t have too many members “shopping” at one time.  We have had many really lovely fabrics donated, and we anticipate seeing a bunch of really spectacular quilts and other items on down the road.  If you just want to come and check out the space, please feel free to come on over.  We spent a lot of time organizing and displaying.  It’s almost like a quilt shop!

Jan McQueen and Katie Johnson spent some time putting together quilt tops from the strips that were cut as a game at the retreat this year.  These kits are precut and so pretty.  Please call Sue or Lindanne if you would like one to work on.

Sue Stephenson

Documentation – no report.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg, schools out, committee members will be the same as last year.

Library – Pam Grindell, no report.

Hospitality – Georgia Sabourin, no report.

Membership – Maria Hunter reported no changes to membership at this time.  Dues will be due in December and need to be renewed by January to be listed in the membership book.  A letter will be send to the membership regarding dates and amount of dues.

Merchandise – Becky Mershon modeled the new sweatshirt with new bridge logo.

Progams/Workshops – Janet DeSau & Jane Szabo reported there may be a Zoom program for the October General Membership meeting.  There will be no class in October.

Publicity – Jean Amundson reported no further events to report this year.  Jean Amundson noted that a number of vendors had already signed up for our show when it had to be canceled.  Although many received a refund of their fee, they lost the considerable income the show would have generated for them (and our members lost the opportunity to shop!).  She suggested that the websites for those vendors be listed on the guild’s blog so that members could shop with them if they wish.  The board agreed.

Quilters Surprise – Debbie Mosley reported she will continue on committee along with Jan ? for the next year.

Guild Retreat 2021 – Georgia Sabourin, no report.  Committee will be meeting in the near future.

SABLE  Ruth Hutmacher, no report.

Veterans Project – Rose Shaw reported that 14 quilts were delivered in July and 9 in August which caught up the list.  The committee has 34 new requests.  Help is needed in making quilts!  Please contact Rose for materials, 72 x 55 preferred size, Eagle panel is the favorite.  Thanks to the great committee helpers.  Guild members please keep the quilts coming, they are being used and appreciated by those that receive them.  There will be a Veterans Quilt Project sew-in on September 25th.

2020 Raffle Quilt – Phyllis Mitchell reported that Jolae Reed from Salem was the winner of the quilt.

Report of the event is on the BLOG.  All raffle tickets and money has been collected.

2021 Raffle  Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck, reported “A Whale of A Day” submitted by Linda Reeve was selected as the name for the quilt.  Quilt is finished, Nan is doing label.  Jane Szabo is willing to order raffle tickets for the quilt, sales will start in February.  No committee for 2021 Quilt Ticket Sales, Nan Scott agreed to chair and Roseanne Burton will help.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:34am.


Community Quilter’s Open House – September 3rd – 10am-2pm at Lee Palmer’s business, 260 Willow Street, Waldport

General Membership Zoom Meeting – September 10th @ 1pm

Executive Board Zoom Meeting –  September 17th @ 10am

Veterans Quilt Project Sew-In – September 25th – Siletz Grange – 10am-4pm

Documentation and Finishing School – 2021

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, Co-Secretary OCQG