Planning to sell in the Quilt Show Boutique?

Hello members,

We are getting down to the wire.

If you are planning to sell items at the boutique, please contact Gail Chipman or Jan McQueen with an estimate count of your items.
I will be at Lee Palmer’s Bldg. in Waldport tomorrow from 10:00-2:00 if you need tags for your items. Also available at the general meeting July 14th.

We are asking that you sign up to volunteer for a minimum 2 hour shift with ANY of the quilt show committees for either day of the show, in exchange for the opportunity to sell your goods.
We are looking forward to a large showing of items to be sold.

The show is still needing helping hands in various areas.

The list of jobs can be acquired by contacting Pamela Potter.

Thank you in advance,
Jan McQueen
Boutique Co-chair