Pleading the 5th

I hope you had a happy and safe 4th.  Now it is time to “plead the 5th” – that is pleading for your quilt show submissions on the last day of registration which ends at midnight on the 5th.

As of 5:00 PM on the 4th we had 215 quilts registered which is down from last year’s 288.  Please share your creations and uphold our reputation of one of the best quilt shows in Oregon.  The registration process is easy – should take less than 5 minutes and you have until July 30 to actually finish your quilt.  So  gather the following information for your quilt:

Dimensions – width and length
Pattern Name or Source
Name of Quilter if other than yourself

and proceed to the guild’s web site or navigate to the page [Events|Quilt Show|Registration]  You will be guided through the process of choosing the right category for your quilt and within 24 hours you will receive confirmation from me that your quilt has been registered.

Finally, take a picture of your quilt.  It is quick and easy if you have a smart phone or iPad.  Just attach it in an email to me ( or text it to me (541-961-5610).  Then sit back, put your feet up, and pat yourself on the head.  The registrars, hanging committee, intake, outtake, and judging committee will take it from here.  There is a lot to do before August 2nd when the show goes up, but none of it would be possible without your quilts.

Thank You!
Nan Scott and Janet DeSau, Registrars