Scrub Cap Pattern from Maria Hunter & Mask Update from Sue

Hi Everyone:

Maria Hunter has given us a link to her Facebook page where she has the Scrub Cap Pattern, along with photos.  If you are on FB here’s the link.

I know many of you don’t do Facebook so I took screen shots of the instructions and photos for you.  If you have any questions you can call or email Maria.  Her email is

To all makers of Face Masks
We are still receiving requests for more of our face masks.  I know there are still many of us out there pounding out these things.  I will be making a pickup  tomorrow (Wed) at 11:30 at Lee Palmers Tax Service in Waldport and then at 12:45 at the Quilters Cove.  I will be making a delivery of some of these to Safe Families for the adults and children they serve.  We have also received a request from Seashore Literacy who works with homeless and underserved in Waldport for masks and are currently trying to connect with them to determine the actual need. I so appreciate all of you continuing to work on making masks.  Quilters Cove did get a shipment of elastic in, and she is expecting more soon.
You are doing wonderful work here.  Please continue.
Many of us have kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews who are out of school.  They probably never thought they’d miss school like they do.  My granddaughter told me she has an A in chemistry, so having to study at home hasn’t hurt her grades.  (She’s not always an A student.)  Anyway, thought you’d enjoy this old Peanuts Strip.  I shared it with my granddaughter, Maura as well.