September Presenter cancellation & Online Auction

Hi Quilters,
The September presenter has had to cancel due to a death in her family.  The program is up in the air now.  Does any member or friend of member want to give a program on something quilting related?  Maybe Knotty Ladies has some knowledge of appliqué or antique quilts?  How about any other quilting groups have some good ideas for us quilters?  Please email soon with ideas to fill our open program, Sept 14.

Any ideas are welcome even if you don’t want to present, we might find someone else that will.

Jane Szabo
Reluctant Program Chair still looking for replacement


Hello Everyone
There is still time to donate to the Guild’s Online Auction.  If there is a quilt that no longer fits in with your decor or it just didn’t turn out like you would like this is the opportunity for you to support the guild.  The Depot people are located from Yachats to Lincoln City and are willing to meet you and collect the donations.  The form to fill out is very simple.  The name of the pattern and designer, your name, the quilter and a little story about the quilt or you.  The opportunity to set a value is also on the form.
We would like to have them by the 6th of September, so we can work on most of the pricing.  We understand if you want to turn them in on the morning of the Guild meeting on the 14th.  We will be at the Newport library that day taking pictures of the auction items.  All of the money received in the Auction goes into the General Fund to support the needs of the guild.  Please give this some thought. We currently have some really lovely items that will make our guild proud.  We have distributed our Postcards at our Show and they will be handed out at the State Fair, so many people around the state will see the quality work of the OCQG.
The Depots are:
Yachats—-Vickey West,
Waldport (until Sept 1) —-Jane Szabo,
Newport —Velma Freudenthal, and
Lincoln City— Rosanne Berton.   T
hey are all listed in the Directory so give them a call and arrange to have your quilt in the Auction.  You can call me with any questions.
Thank you in advance
Chris Benedetti