Special Announcements

I received two unusual announcements for guild members that I want to pass along.

The first is regarding Sue Stephenson.  Jan McQueen talked with her husband who asked us to convey to you that Sue had surgery, came home, and began to show signs of the beginning stages of sepsis.  She was taken to the hospital in Newport and then transported by Life Flight to Kaiser Hospital in Sunnyside.  Her surgery was redone and she is in Intensive Care.  She’ll be in the hospital anywhere from 1-2 weeks but her doctors are optimistic about her current condition.  Please offer prayers and positive thoughts for Sue, her husband and her family.

The second announcement is from Shirley Gilmore.

Thank you to all the ladies who have offered me support by your words, cards and notes.  It is very much appreciated and of great
comfort after the loss of my husband.  I was not able to express this completely at our guild meeting.  Please join me on
Sunday, May 19th from 1 to 4 PM at the American Legion Post 116 on Olive Street in Newport for a memorial gathering of friends
 and family.  Very informal.  Thank you all again!
Shirley Gilmore