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Help still needed for State Fair

I still need workers for the State Fair Sept.1st. Please contact me ASAP if you would like to go & for how long you want to work.  I prefer text since I only check my email once a day!  I’ll organize car poolin[...] Read More »

Next meeting this Thursday

Our next meeting is in 2 days. And we have a note from Penni: I will have our NEW long sleeve blue “V” tees for sale at the meeting Thursday!  ONLY $25 cash, check or  card.  I will also be taking orders again [...] Read More »

Updated quilt Show Volunteer Schedule

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help make our Quilt Show a success. We have the final final volunteer schedule posted. It is also attached here for those who might like to print a copy. Pamela FINAL 8-2-[...] Read More »

Countdown to the Quilt Show

*Deliver quilts-Monday, July 31, 1-3, Atonement Lutheran (ATL), bring waiver. . *Judging-Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug 1-2,  8-5 (ATL), only come if working. . *Setup-Thursday, Aug 3, 7:30 till done, Rec Center[...] Read More »

Final Quilt Show Volunteer Schedule

Hello Folks, Here is what I have currently for volunteers at the Quilt Show. I think everything will work out..... We do have two vacant time slots: Greeter @ 2:45-5:00 on Friday Roaming Hostess @ 2:45-4:15 on Satur[...] Read More »

Information on Quilt Display at State Fair

This is some of the information I’ve received regarding the State Fair. Please contact ASAP if you would like to go & for how long you want to work.  I prefer text since I only check my email once a day!  I’ll[...] Read More »

A Few Updates – Finishing School & Show Boutique

Hello all,  just a few updates. FINISHING SCHOOL Finishing School will be meeting on July 27 from 10 to 4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St, Newport. It is a great tim[...] Read More »

Update to Quilt Show Volunteer Schedule

Hello to all our lovely stitchers! Pamela has updated our volunteer schedule and it is filling in, but we still need some help. We could really use some greeters for Friday afternoon and roaming hostesses Saturday aft[...] Read More »

Latimer Quilt & Textile Center Newsletter Issued

The Friends of Latimer Quilt & Textile Center have issued the Latimer's Loose Threads newsletter for September/October Early Edition. Latimer 83 September October 2023 There is a weavers exhibit going on in Sep[...] Read More »

What’s New at 2023 Quilts By The Sea

1.  DEMOS are back with 2 a day, quilted post cards and wine cozy.  Kits will be available to purchase at Guild booth for $5, all proceeds going to the Guild. 2. BLACK DRAPES have replaced the old white sheets. 3.  [...] Read More »

Small Quilts Displayed at Newport Library

Don’t miss it! During July, the Newport Public Library is displaying 16 quilts made by OCQG members for the quilt show small quilt auction. Library visitors are invited to view the quilts and vote for a favorite. Th[...] Read More »

A Friday Happiness – Quilter’s Psalm

Quilter’s Psalm Quilting is my hobby. I shall not want. It maketh me to walk in the isles of a fabric shop and buy yards of calicos and solids to put into drawers for future quilts. It satisfyeth my soul. Yea, th[...] Read More »

Thanks to our Quilt Show volunteers but we still need more

Reminder that July 4 is the last day to submit registrations and pictures of quilts to be displayed at our Quilt Show. Before you start watching fire works, take pictures and submit with your registration so we can have [...] Read More »

Latimer Quilt & Textile Center Newsletter issued

The July/August 2023 newsletter Latimer's Loose Threads from the Friends of of Latimer Quilt & Textile Center has been issued. Latimer 82 July August 2023 There is a cute article about tea cozies for tea totall[...] Read More »

What’s New at 2023 Quilts By The Sea

1.  NOT ENOUGH QUILTS, 156 registered now from only 45 members. We need more to fill the gyms.  Call Jane or Barbara if you need help with registering quilts.  We wonder why the quilt numbers are down by 100 this year[...] Read More »

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