QS-Committee Chairs

Quilt Show Committee Co-Chairs

Darcy de la Rosa, Cindy McEntee, Meralee Wilson

Sub-Committee Responsibilities

We need to fill in the blanks!

Quilt Show Task Responsible Person (s)
Ballot counting Ginger Dale
Boutique Gail Chipman, Jan McQueen, Judy Line
Budget/finance tracking OCQG Treasurer (Janet Sylvester)
Café interface Meralee Wilson
Challenge quilts Jean Amundson & ______________________
Children’s corner Georgia Sabourin
Flyer distribution Velma Freudenthal
Grab bags Wilma Roles & Janett
Guild Activities Lois Pleger & Beth Nicholsen
Hostess coord (workers @ show) Phoebe Hein
Inside signs Linda MacKown
Judge contract Show Co-chair (Darcy de la Rosa)
Judging support Pat Laub & Team
Hanging Coordinator: Large gym
Hanging Coordinator: Small gym Deborah Cagle
Layout-show Nan Scott
Merchandising Rose Shaw
Outdoor signs
Outside Volunteers Coordinator Diane Tillotson
Parking coordination
Pipe, drape stand coord Meralee Wilson
Posters, PC design done (Susan Cronenwett)
Publicity: Newspaper/ pre-show ads, etc Jean Amundson
Program book editor Nan Scott
Program book ads Maria Hunter
Quilt intake, return 1) Pat Laub & team   2) Terry Mast
Quilt sales coordinator Debbie Mosley
Raffle quilt ticket sales (pre-show) Rosanne Burton & Phyllis Mitchell
Rec Center interface Darcy de la Rosa
Registrar (& helper) 1) Viki West (Nan will train)   2) Ginger Dale
Ribbon ordering Linda Reeve
Ribbon pinning (Thurs PM) 1. Velma Freudenthal         2) Janet Desau (assist)
Ribbon double-checking Ginger Dale
Set-up assistance coordination
Small quilt auction Joan Johnson
Sponsored ribbons Teecia Cornelius
Storage coordination Dianne Tillotson & Meralee Wilson
Table coordinator
Thursday potluck Barbara Kinzel
Treasure hunt
Truck rental, load/unload Diane and Steve Tillotson
Upper railing hanging coord
Vendors Kathleen Ritzman, Lindanne Perdue
Venue clear-out coord
Veterans quilt project Sonny Hamner & Jan Shushuraba
Viewer’s Choice Ginger Dale